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NBC5 Chicago: Tips for How to Deal With Burnout in the Workplace

Burnout is a growing problem in the workplace as employees and companies navigate a new normal during the coronavirus pandemic, but what are the signs of burnout and how can it be helped? Carolyn Dolezal, C200 CEO, shares tips for leaders to support their employees...

WGN Chicago: Negotiating Your Worth

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGX4qWDUFf4   What steps can we take to help close the gender pay gap? C200 CEO, Carolyn Dolezal, joined WGN News in Chicago to discuss how we can make progress to achieve equal pay in the workplace and offered tips to negotiate...

Retaining Millennials Amidst The Great Resignation

By Lauren Herring, CEO of IMPACT Group Millennials in the workplace get a bad rap. Growing up, they all got trophies. They’re self-absorbed, love to take selfies, and really, really love their avocados. And now the latest: They’re the most likely to take flight in the...

Mentoring Matters: The Importance Of Female Mentorship

By Maryann Bruce, Experienced Corporate Director and Former Fortune 100 Division President & CEO, C200 Chair-Elect As senior leaders, we have an obligation to mentor and support women in the workforce—to aid in their professional development, to help build their...

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