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Why Women Need a Professional Network

Why Women Need a Professional Network

By Kimber Maderazzo, Chair at C200; C200 Member since 2011. Many women struggle with business networking—but studies show that building a smaller inner circle of contacts provides even greater benefits.   In this article for Forbes, C200 Chair Kimber Maderazzo shares...

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In a Crisis, Give People Reasons to Believe

In a Crisis, Give People Reasons to Believe

By Nancy Duarte, CEO at Duarte Inc.; C200 Member since 2014. As a leader, at some point you’ll find yourself managing through tough times. Don’t wait for the next crisis to start building confidence in your leadership abilities; belief stories should be a regular part...

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Barri Rafferty on Business RadioX

“There’s this real disconnect in what well-being means today.” Battling burnout and leading with empathy are two big tasks for corporations today. C200’s interim CEO Barri Rafferty spoke with Atlanta Business RadioX’s Stone Payton about ways female leaders can combat...

Fox 32: The Empathetic Leadership Advantage

“Instead of saying what do we need to get done today, let’s talk about how you are doing today.” Carolyn Dolezal, C200 CEO, talked with Fox 32 News about the benefits of an empathetic leadership style and how leaders can implement it in the workplace. Click here to...

C200 on Good Morning America

C200 on Good Morning America. C200's CHAMPION Program launched at the beginning of 2021 with the purpose of providing support to female entrepreneurs through education, connection, and capital. Good Morning America helped us surprise business owners, Krystle Rodriguez...

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