Corporate Board Forum

C200’s Corporate Board Forum nurtures the ecosystem supporting our members as they develop a board portfolio. By focusing on the three pillars of Networking & Raising Your Board Profile, Acquiring & Enhancing Core Board Skills, and Sharing Knowledge & Experience, the Corporate Board Forum assists members in their journey to secure for-profit/corporate board seats. While most opportunities are open to all C200 members, those who enroll in the Corporate Board Forum receive additional communications and opportunities on open board seats and offerings through the program.

Our Corporate Board Forum pillars are:

1. Networking & Raising Your Board Profile. The Corporate Board Forum provides networking opportunities with CEO’s, governance committee leads, and diversity-focused organizations. Members hear real world advice from executive search firm leaders through webinars and training opportunities.

2. Acquiring & Enhancing Core Board Skills. Members receive discounted access to carefully cultivated partner organizations, providing best in class board training, education, and credentialing.

3. Sharing Knowledge & Experience. Member discussion and support empowered by quarterly webinars and Chatham House Rules discussions on hot topics in the board room and board director best practices, curated by C200 or our partners. In-person events at large scale C200 events provide opportunities for our members to learn from each other.

If you are a C200 member and would like more information about joining the Corporate Board Forum, please contact Allison Rose, Educational Programs and Events Manager.

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