About the CHAMPION Program

C200’s membership includes the world’s leading women corporate executives and entrepreneurs, who understand first-hand the adversities that come with being a woman in business, especially in entrepreneurship.

Only 1.7% of women-owned businesses have revenues over $1M, and 88% are below $100K. Even further disparities exist once comparing white women-owned businesses to those owned by women of color.

Through research and the shared real-life experiences of our entrepreneurial members, we at C200 know that women entrepreneurs greatly benefit from access to a peer network and mentors, educational opportunities to enhance their business acumen, and access to funding. We created C200’s CHAMPION Program to offer women entrepreneurs just that.

C200 CHAMPION Program participants receive:

Access to a peer network and the C200 network of the world’s leading women entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

A 12-week education course through Babson College’s WIN Lab, focusing on the entrepreneur herself and her business.

A $10,000 grant for the entrepreneur’s business.

C200 Members, will you help make a positive impact on the leading women entrepreneurs of tomorrow?

It’s no secret that having the right mentor or coach can change the business trajectory for an entrepreneur. One component of our CHAMPION Program pairs participants with C200 members to advise, teach, and develop the women into stronger business leaders and more successful entrepreneurs.

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Coaches serve as role models who support the entrepreneurs throughout the process by validating their ideas and providing them with the tools and skills necessary to pivot and scale their ventures. Coaches will serve as their sounding board, provide guidance and accountability, and be their confidante as they mature as entrepreneurs. Time Commitment: 2 hours per month between February 1 and May 5.

Mastermind Expert

Mastermind groups meet three times during the 12weeks of the WIN Global Lab program

  • Tuesday, March 1st – 6-8pm ET
  • Tuesday, March 29th- 6-8pm ET
  • Tuesday, April 26th -6-8pm ET

Each group includes you and a fellow expert with 3 – 4 entrepreneurs operating in a similar stage or industry. Designed to leverage collective intelligence and peer accountability, the group serves as a critical sounding board that provides customized feedback to members. Mastermind group meetings follow the program’s milestone path, requiring entrepreneurs to present progress to their goals in the following categories: marketing and sales, funding for scale, and social/human capital and traction. 

Time Commitment: Approximately 8 hours over the 12weeks

Topic Expert

Topic experts work with entrepreneurs to support them in a particular area. Topics could include marketing, securing financing, pitching, and general business strategy, just to name a few. Through 40minute office hour sessions, topic experts speak with entrepreneurs about their ventures and ideas and provide them with guidance to pivot and scale their ventures. 

Time Commitment: 2 hours and 15 minutes 

Donate Now — so more women entrepreneurs have equal access to opportunity. 

C200’s CHAMPION Program is 100% funded by C200 and the total cost of the program equals over $15K per participant. Your donation helps ensure we can continue this program for years to come and grow the program to include even more women entrepreneurs in future cohorts. 

Is your company interested in sponsoring C200’s CHAMPION Program? Email us at CHAMPION@c200.org.

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