By Mary Tinebra, Corporate Executive | C200 member since 2017

Menopause is a natural life transition that impacts nearly half of the global population, with significant implications for workplace productivity, talent retention, and organizational culture. In her recent Forbes article, C200 member Mary Tinebra conveys the business impact of supporting menopausal women to unlock the full potential of the workforce.

A leader who is deeply committed to fostering supportive workplace cultures, Mary has a history of optimizing the intersection of employee needs and technology. She has led teams to establish world-class people strategies for G500 employers at Mercer, and currently serves as an Officer for Inflection, a leading global health digital education platform helping employees to navigate life’s inflection points. 

Her article provides a call to action to all leaders to establish support networks to break down stigma, normalize menopause discussions, and create a supportive network for women at all career stages.

You can read the full article here.