By Katie Calhoun, Fmr. Getty Images | C200 member since 2023

Generative AI offers powerful tools for creating compelling visual content and enhancing consumer engagement. In this Forbes article, C200 member Katie Calhoun explains how brands can forge genuine connections with customers by thoughtfully integrating AI innovation into their storytelling strategies, as well as these insights:

  • Why Visual Content Matters: Imagery is our universal language – from memes to marketing. As photos, videos, and emojis dominate our screens, authenticity has taken center stage. Brands that embrace authentic and organic images resonate with consumers.
  • The Authenticity Revolution: Nearly 90% of consumers crave authenticity. They prefer brands that are genuine, not perfectly packaged. Dove’s Real Beauty and Patagonia’s Buy Less, Demand More are setting the standards.
  • Generative AI’s Impact: Generative AI is flipping the script. By being intentional and accountable, marketers are empowered to connect authentically. Brands are encouraged to use AI tools to enhance rather than replace human creativity and empathy in crafting narratives.


You can read the full article here.

Photo credit: metamorworks/iStock