By Myla Skinner, CEO, C200

Dear C200 Community,   

Several months ago, at the start of my role as CEO, I asked a long-term member why she joined and has stayed a member of C200 all this time. Her answer was a simple one: “These are my people.”   

C200’s community, while our members are at its center, is larger than just our members: our members’ loved ones, Advancing Women Program participants and facilitators, event speakers, and even social media followers are all a part of our wider community. It’s all of you, a group of individuals who believe in our mission to advance all women in business, who are able to make C200’s offerings to current and future women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders possible. Below is just a small list of the many things we’ve accomplished in 2023:  

  • We held our first-ever Empowering Women Summit in Atlanta, GA   
  • We reimagined and relaunched the Protégé Program   
  • We hosted a Reachout in partnership with Agnes Scott College and Georgia State University 
  • We hosted an incredible Annual Conference in San Diego, CA   
  • We revitalized our communications to better align with our focus on #SuccessShared   
  • We engaged with hundreds of community members through in-person and virtual events 
  • We built an incredible C200 team who works tirelessly to advance our mission

Of course, we still have a lot to do—2024 will be an exciting year for C200. In addition to ensuring that we provide the best experience for our members, we will continue to focus on developing premier educational programs for the next generation of women entrepreneurs and executives, as well as redesign our model for high-impact experiences and programs for members and non-members alike. Additionally, we are thrilled to host:   

  • Our Empowering Women Summit in Washington, D.C. from April 18-20   
  • Our Annual Conference in New York City from September 26-28  
  • Many more events and programs to be announced  

In 2024, building up and supporting this wonderful community will be at the core of everything we do, all while shining a light on why everyone, members and non-members alike, should continue to care about our mission to inspire, educate, support, and advance current and future female entrepreneurs and corporate, profit-center leaders.   

I, with our C200 team, love to see you engaging with C200 and our cause, whether that be through attending one of our Signature Events like our Empowering Women Summit or Annual Conference, sharing your C200 stories, donating to C200, or simply giving us a like or reshare on LinkedIn or Instagram. Your involvement with C200, however big or small, extends the reach of our community and mission, and we hope you follow us into the new year and beyond.  

We are thankful to be an organization that matters to you. I hope to see you at our upcoming events in 2024.

-Myla Skinner