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As a member of C200, you’ll become part of the world’s most exclusive and preeminent business communities, and personally connect with fellow successful businesswomen who are united in their dedication to advancing women’s leadership. Our members form a powerful and devoted community, serving as a trusted peer network of confidantes who support, advise, and inspire each other’s growth and success.

Membership to C200 offers deep connections with personal support and inspiration from other women at the top while providing opportunities to mentor the next generation of women leaders. Together we educate, support, celebrate, and advance all women in business – those who lead companies and those who aspire to do so.

Members of the C200 community talk about their experiences and the positive impact the organization has made on their lives.

Membership Criteria

In addition to meeting the financial requirements stated below, prospective members must be recognized leaders within their industry and their community, and committed to advancing other women in business leadership.


A candidate must be a company founder and/or a majority or controlling owner. An Entrepreneur Candidate is responsible for running the company day to day and is reporting a minimum of $20 million in annual revenues.


A corporate candidate is an executive responsible for the P&L of the company or subsidiary/division generating annual revenues of at least $250 million in annual revenues.

Privately Held

A candidate running a privately-held company should be responsible for the full P&L of the parent company or subsidiary/division generating annual revenues of at least $75 million in annual revenues.

Annual Membership Dues

C200’s Annual Membership Dues are $2,250. New members also are required to pay a one-time initiation fee.

International? Please inquire about international membership.

Highlights of Membership


  • Collaborate with a powerful and devoted community and trusted peer network of confidantes who support, advise, and inspire each other’s growth and success.

  • Participate in small group member-to-member advisory Councils that gather regularly for personal discussions, problem-solving, and sharing of business and personal experiences and challenges.

  • Join the Corporate Board Forum, a support and intermediary group that helps executives secure for-profit/corporate board opportunities.

  • Mentor, coach, and advise the participants in our Advancing Women Programs. These rising entrepreneurial and corporate women turn to successful leaders like you for advice and guidance to help them reach the next step in their careers.


  • Network with the C200 community at our Annual Conference and other members-only events as we gather to collaborate, celebrate, and learn from leading business experts.

  • Connect with fellow members during regional events near you. Regional events present a variety of opportunities to gather for professional development and fun!

  • Engage with C200 peers through robust virtual programming all year long. C200’s virtual programming ranges from hard-hitting business topics such as Optimizing the Supply Chain to fun members-only cocktail hours known as Cocktails & Conversations.

And more!

  • Publish Thought Leadership pieces on C200-owned channels, whitepapers, and through C200’s partnership with

  • Participate in media opportunities to help keep C200’s mission of educating, supporting, and advancing women in business at the forefront of current business events.

  • Learn from our many educational opportunities, presented by industry leaders and topic experts with a variety of perspectives.

  • Unite with other leaders to support C200’s mission of Advancing Women in Business.

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Being around women who are successful, open, honest, and generous is totally inspiring. Hearing and knowing they understand some of my struggles firsthand gives me the energy to push through, be better, and think bigger.

– Beth Ward, Founder & CEO, Beth Ward Studios


For additional questions about C200 membership, please contact Taylor Weathers, Director of Membership.