Empower Women Entrepreneurs! Volunteer to Advise in C200’s CHAMPION Program.

Are you interested in supporting C200’s CHAMPION Program as a volunteer? Please fill out the form below and a C200 staff member will be in touch. Thank you!

This opportunity is currently for C200 Members and C200 Program Alumnae only.


Email Alisha Wenc, Director, Educational Programs and Events at Champion@c200.org


Coaches serve as role models who support the entrepreneurs throughout the process by validating their ideas and providing them with the tools and skills necessary to pivot and scale their ventures. Coaches will serve as their sounding board, provide guidance and accountability, and be their confidante as they mature as entrepreneurs. Time Commitment: Approximately 8 Hours over the 12week program WIN Global Lab program

Mastermind Expert:

Mastermind groups meet three times during the 12weeks of the WIN Global Lab program (February 1  May 6, 2022) and include 3 – 4 entrepreneurs operating in a similar stage or industry. Designed to leverage collective intelligence and peer accountability, the group serves as a critical sounding board that provides customized feedback to members. Mastermind group meetings follow the program’s milestone path, requiring entrepreneurs to present progress to their goals in the following categories: marketing and sales, funding for scale, and social/human capital and traction. Time Commitment: Approximately 8 hours over the 12weeks 

Topic Expert:

Topic experts work with entrepreneurs to support them in a particular area. Topics could include marketing, securing financing, pitching, and general business strategy, just to name a few. Through 40minute office hour sessions, topic experts speak with entrepreneurs about their ventures and ideas and provide them with guidance to pivot and scale their ventures. Time Commitment: 2 hours and 15 minutes