C200 focus is to inspire, educate, support, and advance current and future women entrepreneurs and corporate, profit-center leaders. Our motto is #SuccessShared.

From our C-Ahead® program that helps advance rising corporate women to our Protégé program that supports leading women entrepreneurs, C200’s programs help us achieve our mission at every level.

Our signature programs, known as our Advancing Women Programs, support the personal and professional growth of women in business. Utilizing the expertise of our members, these programs help high-potential women develop the skills and broad-based perspectives necessary to lead from the C-Suite – all in a highly collaborative and supportive environment.

Learn About C200’s Advancing Women Programs.


Provides exclusive content and collaboration opportunities for women poised to assume significant and/or new P&L responsibilities in their next career move. Participants learn from real experiences, real wisdom, and real solutions to help them grow into agile, confident, and invaluable C-Suite leaders.

C200’s CHAMPION Program

Empowers women entrepreneurs to reach the next level of success in their business by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Participants benefit from an expanded peer network, mentors, educational opportunities, and access to funding.

The Protégé Program

Empowers high potential women entrepreneurs to be the best leader they can be by providing executive leadership education and real-world learning opportunities. This program supports each Protégé’s journey to grow their business and expand their network – as part of a cohort that supports one another, holds each other accountable, and invests in the success of each participant.

Our Reachout Program

Partners with schools across the US to host member-driven events featuring panel and round-table discussions to educate and inspire ambitious, business-minded women in undergraduate and MBA programs.

Corporate Board Forum

Supports and assists members in securing for-profit/corporate board seats. Participation in this forum increases member visibility, ensures that they are well-prepped for boards, and provides access to prestigious board opportunities.

C200 is a non-profit organization – Help support our mission.

We make it easier for women in business to connect both personally and professionally, creating much-needed environments for women to succeed in the workforce—and it is with contributions from individuals who believe in our mission and vision that have given us the ability to fight for them and empower women for over 40 years. Help us continue providing a priceless community and top-tier resources for all women in business by making a donation to C200 and to the future of women leaders worldwide.