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C200 is a professional peer community like no other. Our members lead the world’s most remarkable companies, including Deloitte, HGTV, IBM, KPMG, Guardian Life Insurance Company, Qatalyst, 3M, The Real/Real, Hint Water, Rodan + Fields and many more.

Kay Koplovitz, the first female network television president; and Christie Hefner, CEO of the first national magazine to have an online presence.

Our members are changing the face of business daily. C200 brings them together to support, advise, and inspire one another, so that together, we can advance women’s leadership.

Advancing members and women in business


Through C200, members support one another’s professional and personal growth while inspiring and advancing future women business leaders. Specific benefits of membership include:

  • Relationships with the most successful and innovative women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders worldwide
  • Personal and professional support within a confidential community of peers
  • Innovative educational curriculum at our Annual Conference
  • Access to intimate members-only social and networking events throughout the year
  • The opportunity to give back and inspire the next generation of women business leaders through original outreach and educational programming
  • Lifelong opportunity for member engagement

Our members share our mission of fostering, celebrating and advancing women’s leadership in business. In addition to a proven track record of successful business leadership, they also demonstrate industry and community leadership.

Councils – Small, powerful groups

C200 organizes our hundreds of members into regional “Councils” of 10 to 12 women. These groups meet regularly, allowing members to form deep connections and receive personal support and inspiration from the women they know best. Many members say that their C200 Council is their closest and most valuable personal advisory group.  If you have questions about Councils or would like to join or lead one, please contact Allison Rose.

Nominate an extraordinary woman

C200 membership is by invitation only. Members, if the candidate you’d like to nominate meets the requirements below, please contact us to complete a recommendation form. The C200 Membership Committee will interview her, verify her qualifications and invite her to complete an application.

  • A Corporate Candidate is responsible for the operations and P&L of a for-profit company (or a subsidiary/division) that generates annual revenues of at least $250 million.
  • A candidate running a privately-held company is responsible for the full P&L of the parent company or subsidiary/division generating annual revenues of at least $75 Million (such as CEO, COO, General Manager, Operating President).
  • An Entrepreneur Candidate is a for-profit company founder and/or a majority or controlling owner responsible for the P&L of a company that generates annual revenues of at least $20 million.
  • International criteria: A Corporate Candidate is responsible for the P&L of the company or subsidiary/division generating annual revenues of at least $100 million. Candidates are responsible for the operations of a company or business unit (such as CEO, COO, General Manager, Operating President).  An Entrepreneur Candidate is responsible for the P&L of the company, is reporting a minimum of $10 million in annual revenues, be a company founder and/or a majority or controlling owner.

In addition to meeting the financial requirements, prospective members must be recognized leaders within their industry and their community, and committed to advancing other women in business leadership.

A candidate who does not currently meet the membership criteria but clearly has within the last three years will be considered. The Board of Directors may approve additional factors for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Hear Our Stories

Articles by Our Members

2020, Dare I Thank you?

By Monica Cole

Monica Cole is an executive vice president and head of Wells Fargo Commercial Banking’s Agribusiness, Food & Hospitality division. Based in Atlanta, Monica leads teams focused on serving the needs of business banking and middle market banking customers in the food, agriculture, and hospitality industries.

I will admit that over the last several years, the holidays have been more about sports and the late afternoon nap after overdoing it on my sister’s famous mac and cheese. This year, however, as I think about the holiday season, I am approaching it with a new perspective. I’m sure most of us have probably thought at some point this year that we would be thankful when 2020 is over. Certainly, this year has tested the resolve of our nation and each individual person like none other. Whether it is the divisive political climate, the unimaginable loss of human life (and in some cases dignity), or the horrible catastrophes brought on by Mother Nature — our character has been tested, challenged, and at times reshaped. Yet through all of it, I dare to thank 2020 for many reasons with the following being my top two reasons:

  1. Closer connection to family. Prior to this pandemic, my life consisted of running through airports and traversing the country to visit with clients and employees. I interacted with more people in TSA, the airline clubs, and at various hotels than I did with some of my friends. By the time the weekend came around, I opted to just relax on my sofa to rest and recharge rather than visit my family. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to spend time with them. Pre-pandemic, my mentality was, “I can do that later.” COVID-19 has absolutely changed that dynamic and my way of thinking. I work longer hours now that my commute is a short 8 steps, and now I live for the weekends. By Thursday, I’m texting my parents a very simple question, “What time are we getting together?” Our relationships are important, and I’m thankful I have the opportunity to reconnect with my family like never before.
  2. “Get into good trouble.” The often quoted line of the late Congressman John Lewis is one that has resonated with me this year. With the loss of so many Civil Rights trailblazers in 2020 and the senseless loss of the lives of Black men and women who posthumously would spark a new movement in our society, I am thankful that I have found a renewed energy to fight for a better world. I am more active in my company and organizations, championing equality and fairness for everyone. I give of my time to mentor even more to advance the cause of positive change. I’m thankful for the courage to get into good trouble.

This holiday season, I have a deeper sense of gratitude for more than I normally would. I have the pleasure of leading a business that provides financing for agricultural companies, food and beverage companies, and the hospitality industry. My team and I have gotten to hear firsthand how the people who make up these sectors flexed and pushed through the pandemic to keep food on our tables.

I am also a new board member of C200, a revolutionary organization that is empowering women to lead and to lead well. The women I have been exposed to, alone, is a worthy benefit, but watching them lead their businesses in the midst of challenges is truly inspiring. The great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” And these women are incredibly strong.

As we close out this year, I’m going to choose to celebrate in my gratitude. When I take my seat at the dinner table, I will think of how one of our clients stood on her farm to inspect the ears of corn that I will joyfully consume, the dairyman that provided the milk needed for my sister’s famous mac and cheese, and the hands that harvested the sweet potatoes in my favorite pies. I am thankful to be leading a business that helps in some small way to bring these things to the tables of homes, restaurants, hotels, and other places where we gather as a family or a community to celebrate life and each other. I am also thankful for the women I’ve met at C200 and my leaders and peers who invested in my continuous development so I can do what I do with confidence.

And last but certainly not least, I will celebrate community – all our loved ones and neighbors who give us the reason to persevere. I raise my glass of wine to the hardworking individuals who are behind our full bellies, as well as give thanks to our healthcare workers, to families who have given their most precious gifts, and to the knowledge that the human spirit has the power to overcome all odds. Happy holidays from our family, to you and yours.

Leading Through A Global Pandemic

Leading Through A Global Pandemic: How Women Are Built to Lead Through Times of Crisis

In collaboration with IG, C200 interviewed five members to discuss the effects COVID-19 is having on their businesses, how they are navigating unprecedented challenges, and the importance of leading with empathy.

These five women, leaders in their respective industries, share how they are finding balance and thinking ahead in today’s “new normal.”

Click here to watch the videos.

Member Profile

Kimber Maderazzo

Chair of C200
Former EVP of Brand & Product Marketing of The Proactiv Company

Q: How has your vision and/or your business helped shape your industry?

A: My mission has always been to make sure I can make a difference in people’s everyday lives. I have always worked with companies that people use everyday and as a result I think we have made a real, positive impact on people.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you can offer other women leaders?
A: Be true to yourself. Throughout my career I have been offered many opportunities. I have always made sure what I do is an extension of who I am, not the other way around. It’s important to maintain that focus and think of yourself first. In my opinion, it’s the only way to be a great leader.

Q: What is your personal motto?
A: Life is short, enjoy it and do something you love.

Q: How has your membership in C200 impacted you personally and professionally?
A: I joined C200 for all of the professional advantages, because I have always put my professional needs first. I never thought it would have such an impact on me personally. My experience as a member of C200 has been life-changing in ways I could never have imagined.

Q: What do you feel is the most important issue facing business leaders today?
A: Relevancy. If a company does not stay relevant it will not sustain.