Protégé Program

The Protégé Program focuses on high-potential, women entrepreneurs (nominated and screened by C200 members) with revenues in the $5 million to $15 million range. These women are interested in and committed to growing their businesses to the next level, and aspire to become C200 members. The goals of the program are to support the participants in their journeys to grow their businesses, to expand their networks, and to “pay it forward” to future generations. Over a 24-month period, this program includes 27 meetings, four of which (two each year) are in person, with the remainder conducted via webinars and conference calls. Metrics are in place for each of the stakeholders and the program itself.

Protégés are matched with one C200 member who serves as a mentor/advisor, four times annually. In addition, protégés participate in educational sessions led by C200 members and select outside consultants whose real-world expertise provides a candid and useful set of courses. As a peer group, the protégés also support one another, hold each other accountable and all invest in the success of each individual and the group as a whole. Protégés will share the cost of the program, which is funded by C200 member donations and sponsors. If you are interested in contributing to support the Protégé Program, please contact Meghan McRae at (312) 255-0296, ext. 105 or

Call for Nominations:  2016 Protégé Class
If you know a woman entrepreneur with annual revenues between $5 and $10 million who would benefit from an interactive educational and mentoring program led by C200 members, please send a nomination form to Sioban Lombardi to submit a nomination.

Past Protégés Who Have
Become C200 Members

President and CEO, Government Contract Solutions, Inc.

Mentors: Beverly Bailey & Marcia Meyer

Nicole credits the C200 Protégé Program as a key contributor to her firm’s growth, which helped solidify her commitment to grow the business long term.
Chairwoman, IMPACT Group

Mentor: Catherine Marsh

Laura's participation in the Protégé Program enabled her to grow her business 1000%. She is now a major funder of the Protégé Program at the $100,000 level.
Founder & CEO, VIPdesk, Inc. and Capitol Concierge, Inc.

Mentor: Nina McLemore

The C200 Protégé Program was a transformational experience, which served as inspiration for Mary to grow her business to the level of becoming a C200 member and beyond.
Owner, Kramer Consumer Health

Mentor: Linda Paresky

C200 members inspired Gloria to think big, to build a better and more successful company, and to allow her entry into a world she was not aware existed.

C200 stimulated the growth of Sue's company and gave her the opportunity to build long-term relationships within the organization and her protégé group.

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If you have questions about the Protégé program, contact Sioban Lombardi at (312) 255-0296, ext. 109 or