Protégé Program Mentor Criteria

How are C200 members chosen as Mentors for this program? What is the role of Mentors in the Protégé Program?

The C200 Member Mentor Matching Process is performed with input from staff, the Protégé Committee, a dedicated Foundation Board Member, and the Chair by May each year.

  • Mentors will be C200 members in different stages of growth who understand the Protégé’s industry if possible. There will be one Mentor per Protégé, and she will act as an advisor for her four times annually (twice by web meeting/phone, once at the Annual Conference, and at the Mentor’s discretion, one time at the Protégé’s company).
  • Staff will monitor the Mentor process and be available to Mentors for input, feedback and potential Mentor changes if needed.
  • Mentors will be provided with and must participate in webinar-based Mentor training  (by web meeting online for one hour) provided by C200 prior to the first Mentor/Protégé meeting in June each class-launch year (every 24 months).
  • Mentor handbooks will be online for Mentor reference.
  • Mentors will serve for the two years of the program with their designated Protégé unless they wish to serve only one year or need to resign for some reason.
  • Mentors will be evaluated by a Mentor Evaluation Panel, and confidential anonymous surveys done by staff and Protégés to ensure Mentor/Protégé fit.
  • Mentors will fill out surveys on their Protégé’s performance and clear metrics will be created for each Mentor to evaluate the Protégé, along with expectations for their behavior and participation by staff and Mentors.
  • Mentors will evaluate the process regarding:
    1.    Collaboration and feedback
    2.    Quality of interaction with Protégé
    3.    Suggestions for improvement of process, if any
    4.    Protégé attendance at meetings
    5.    Preparation for Mentor meetings
    6.    Responsiveness to recommendations and advice given
    7.    Willingness and commitment
  • Hold Protégé to high expectations (meeting deadlines, following through on assignments, communicating openly and honestly, maintaining confidentiality).
  • Mentors will be asked to read Verne Harnish’s book, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” ($9.99 on Kindle from Amazon) prior to beginning their mentoring commitment.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the C200 Protégé Program. Please submit your nomination form to Meghan McRae at You will hear from a member of the C200 staff in April 2014.