Protégé Program Application Information

The C200 Protégé Program is possible through a significant investment from C200 members who are committed both to the ideals of the program and to the Protégés themselves.  It is expected that participating Protégés will be equally committed.  Participating Protégés must be willing to commit to and agree to the following:

  • Protégés will attend ALL on-site meetings, mentor meetings and webinars. The Protégé Program is a process, NOT an event.  All Protégés will need to commit the time and sustained effort required to implement the program tools and best practices in their organization
  • Protégés will contribute $2,500 annually ($5,000 total) to the C200 Foundation for participation in this program.
  • Throughout the program, there will be ongoing learning outside of the formal program schedule, including an extensive reading list. As a peer group, the Protégés will support one another, hold each other accountable and invest in the success of each individual and the group as a whole. The formal program consists of a two year program, during which there are 28 total meetings:
        o  Ten annually are web meetings, with all the Protégés and educators
        o  Two annually in person
        o  Three web meetings between protégés and their mentors
        o  One in-person meeting with C200 Member mentors as a personal Advisory Board annually. Mentors are a distinguishing feature of this program.  Assignments are based on the Protégés’ areas of interest, the growth stage of their companies, and C200 members’ areas of expertise and availability.
  • Participants will cover their own travel expenses and accommodations for in person meetings.

To access the Protégé application, please click here.