Gloria Rodriguez
Owner, Kramer Consumer Health

Kramer Consumer Healthcare competencies are in developing, marketing and selling strong and well recognized brands to their target consumers. With over 100 years of combined experience with powerhouse global brands as well as with smaller, niche pharmacy oriented brands, the management team has a unique blend of skills building the business on national and local levels. With broad experience across the Pharmacy trade, Mrs. Rodriguez led Kramer from a local ethnic business to a national operation. During her tenure, the company has grown more than twenty fold through the introduction of differentiated products and channel expansion behind innovative marketing and sales strategies. Mrs. Rodriguez has pioneered programs to improve self-care options in the Hispanic community and to support pharmacists in their frequent role as first line health care providers.

The C200 Protégé Program helped her beyond what the program itself provided at the time. As a family owned and operated business she had very little to no outside exposure to other women business owners. Linda Paresky, who became her C200 mentor, encouraged her to participate in the Protégé Program. Other C200 members inspired Gloria to think big, to build a better and more successful company. C200 opened the possibility that Gloria could be the woman who took the family business to another level. The program allowed her entry into a world she was not aware existed. It inspired her to think she could be a part of this world, which she now is.