Mary Naylor
Founder & CEO, VIPdesk, Inc. & Capitol Concierge, Inc.

In 1987, Mary Naylor, VIPdesk CEO and founder, established Capitol Concierge, a corporate concierge company, staffing over 80 office buildings in the Washington DC market with on-site concierges. VIPdesk was spun-off in 1997 as a separate VC backed entity to deliver concierge services and loyalty programs on a national scale via home-based call center model. Mary sold the company to International SOS in 2010 and remains on as the CEO of Americas and Europe regions for Aspire Lifestyles (VIPdesk new brand). Aspire Lifestyles Americas serves over 10 million customers and clients include MasterCard, Citi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Mary had the incredible opportunity to participate in the C200 Protégé program. At the time she joined the program, her company revenues were $10M. Through the invaluable access to C200 members and the support of her C200 mentor, Nina McLemore, Mary adopted strategies learned that were instrumental in driving the growth of her company to levels that enable her to become a C200 member herself.
“Being part of the C200 Protégé Program was a transformational experience for me. Not only was the content of the program invaluable, but the opportunity to attend the C200 conference provided me with access to engage with members which served as inspiration for me to grow my business to the level that I could become a member of C200.”