Nomination Process

If you would like to nominate a candidate for membership, please complete the form below and email it to Amy O’Keeffe at We’ve provided additional information below to help you when contacting a potential candidate.

Click here to download the C200 Nominate a Member Form.

C200 Highlights of Membership – The C200 Highlights of Membership is a one-page summary that members can use when discussing how new members are qualified and admitted with women who may be potential candidates for membership. The summary was designed to provide a description about C200, the organization’s history, and key highlights that best describe the essence of the C200 member experience. We encourage you to send this document to anyone you would like to introduce to C200 or as a follow-up.

C200 Membership Portfolio - The C200 Membership Portfolio contains information about member programming, membership criteria, and in-depth information about the organization and Foundation.

Questions about nominating a member? Contact Amy O’Keeffe.

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