C200 councils provide an outlet for idea exchanges, a forum for discussion of business opportunities, and a close, personalized support group for problem solving, all among a small, confidential, and consistent group of compassionate members.
C200 organizes new Councils and coordinates the addition of new members to existing ones. C200 will from time to time also assist with resources (such as speakers). Each individual Council serves as an intimate board of advisors that provides members with shared experiences, expert help, and sympathetic support to resolve problems and to recognize and seize business and personal opportunities. Participants grow and benefit from the advice they receive, the contributions they make and the personal relationships they develop.

Each Council gives its members:
  • A confidential, trustworthy environment for education and idea exchange.
  • Input and problem-solving on business and personal issues.
  • Integration of business and personal interests.
  • Development of people skills.
  • Personal growth.
  • Business, personal and social networking.
Councils are formed in small groups, a maximum of 10-12. The membership of the group is generally maintained over a multi-year period.

If you are interested in joining or starting a Council, please contact our director of membership Amy O’Keeffe.
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If you are interested in joining or starting a Council, please contact our Director of Membership, Amy O'Keeffe.

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