One of the most important ways to advance women’s leadership is by sharing personal experiences and industry know-how with others. While many of our C200 peers establish mentorship programs, host women’s seminars or create informative online content, our members have also written insightful books. In the spirit of passing knowledge to others, we have compiled a list of must-read books, written by the C200 community, which will give illuminating insights into key topics on the agenda of our upcoming C200 annual conference.



New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace

Susan Packard, Cofounder – HGTV, C200 Member

Susan Packard provides revolutionary insights into cultivating gamesmanship—a strategic way of thinking regularly seen among men in the video game and sports worlds—that develop creativity, concentration, confidence, teamwork, and competitiveness. Packard demonstrates through the telling of her personal and career history that gamesmanship goes beyond the boardroom, it’s an attitude towards life itself.



Women & Money: Be Strong, Be Smart, Be Secure

Suze Orman, Personal Finance Guru, C200 Annual Conference Speaker

Learn how to build wealth and achieve financial peace of mind from acclaimed personal finance expert Suze Orman in her book, “Women & Money: Be Strong, Be Smart Be Secure.” The #1 New York Times bestseller offers readers financial know-how and emotional awareness to achieve long-term financial security. From practical investment advice to a comprehensive financial empowerment plan, Orman provides the necessary tools to help women take control their destiny.



Dynamic Leader, Adaptive Organization: Ten Essential Traits for Managers

Larraine Segil, CEO – The Little Farm Company, C200 Member

Larraine Segil offers readers her vast knowledge and innovative organizational strategies, drawing from her experience as a highly regarded woman executive and a CNN commentator. Segil explains how to utilize Network Leadership, self-diagnose organizations, effectively establish internal relationships, and implement Network Self-Leadership to be a better leader in an everchanging business landscape. Through case studies involving companies such as Shell Oil, Esquire magazine, Southwest Airlines, and Amazon, the book highlights the benefits of combining partnership with leadership.




The Mountain Within: Leadership Lessons and Inspiration for Your Climb to the Top

Herta von Stiegel, Founder/Executive Chair – Ariya Capital, C200 Member

Business executive Herta von Stiegel uses her remarkable experience leading a group of disabled people to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro as the foundation of her book. Offering a plethora of priceless leadership lessons, captivating personal tales, and conversations with influential business figures, Stiegel’s book is an inspiring guide on how to become a resilient and effective leader.



Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business & Life

Gay Gaddis, CEO/Founder – T3, C200 Member

Successful advertising executive and gutsy cowgirl Gay Gaddis explains how to unlock inner strengthen and become a fearless leader in her spirited book. Drawing inspiration from real cowgirl heroines and her personal experiences, Gaddis provides an effective action plan for readers ready to grab life by the horns. Whether dominating a boardroom or forging a new career path, Gaddis’ empowering book supplies the necessary tools for anyone willing to take the next step.



The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success

Teresa Taylor, CEO – BlueValley Advisors LLC, C200 Member

Think an ideal work-life balance is unachievable? Think again. Teresa Taylor shares candid life experiences with readers, each story highlighting a different perspective on how to manage a professional and personal life with confidence. From White House meetings to her sons’ soccer practices, Taylor’s heartfelt and humorous stories are straightforward examples of how to be a compassionate mother and a successful businesswoman at the same time. Toss the work-life balance myth aside and enjoy the best of both worlds.



Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World

Pat Mitchell, Managing Editorial Director/Curator and Host – TEDWomen, C200 Annual Conference Speaker

Pat Mitchell knows a thing or two about being a dangerous woman. From her childhood on a Georgian cotton farm to her tenure as the first woman president of PBS, Mitchell shares her lively personal journey in “Becoming a Dangerous Woman.” Mitchell holds nothing back from the audience, providing candid insight into her private struggles and public battles. Mitchell’s unbelievable story encourages women around the world to be bolder, push harder, and always challenge the status quo.



Lessons in Leadershit: Detoxing the Workplace

Ana Dutra, CEO – Mandala Global Advisors, C200 Member

Every career-driven woman has experienced a toxic work environment at some point during their path to power. Drawing from her life experiences and workplace observations, Ana Dutra highlights how to identify “leadershit” figures inside and outside the office, and provides the tools on how to deal with them. From learning how to create healthier work environments to addressing personal shortcomings, Ana Dutra’s book offers tremendous insight on how to become a better leader.


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